About Us

Tazieff Afghans was started in 1969 by my mother Cindy Heal with her first afghan Kaleb, Bondor Bali Hai (Ch Horningsea Tigers Eye x Bondor Cinnamon). Mum had fallen in love with Bondor Azim Khan (UK & IR Ch Moonraker of Moonswift x Bondor Serenade JW) when getting Kaleb, little did she know that she would have an Bondor Azim Khan puppy a year later.

Mum met Norma & Len Hitch whilst showing regularly at Maidstone their afghans at the time were Zendushkas Mi'Lord and Zendushkas Lady Zia (Ahmed Khan Tajallu x Zendushkas Wild Rose of Dwyka) forming a strong friendship. From Norma and Len, Zendushkas Golden Sun (Bondor Azim Khan x Zendushkas Wild Rose of Dwyka) became the second Afghan to join Tazieff, kindly Norma was handling Sun in his first shows as Mum was heavily pregnant with me! I believe Sun's first show was the day I was born (26th September 1970).

The name Tazieff (pronounced Taz-e-ff) was chosen from Middle East books regarding the Tazi hound.

The first brood bitch came from David Ling Kyzyls Kazinga (Bondor Moonmist x Chelah of Jagai) Mum had fallen in love with Kyzyls Kudu, owned by Colin and Debbie Dann and luckily Chanda (Kazinga) had been returned to David Ling as she was a total looney and her owners were unable to cope, Mum fell in love and Chanda became part of the family. This self masked cream was one of a kind the most beautiful temperament imaginable that was passed on to her progeny.

A very young me with Bondor Bali Hai, Zendushkas Golden Sun and Kyzyls Kazinga (photo courtesy of Norman Heal)

Chanda's litters were to Zendushkas Golden Sun and in 1974 to Brenzetta Carpet Bagger (Brenzetta Marshman x Brynkerth Zahedan Estella) producing a litter of 10 puppies one of these was Tazieff Gollygog who in 1977 was mated to Black Rock of Zendushkas (Kingsleah Khan of Khanabad x Zendushkas Peridot) producing a litter of 5 ( 4 black, 1 blue), this blue bitch was to be Tazieff Trinket of Zendushkas who later mated to Bluestone Rocket of Zudiki JW (Zudiki's Smokey Tiger x Zudiki's White Velvet) producing Zendushkas Blue Flint who is major foundation to the Zendushkas name today.

In 1978 Pam Kingsnorth had her bitch Peekande Pollyanna (Montravia Bondor Bolero x Peekande Tookie) mated to Sun from this litter the first UK Champion for Tazieff was Ch Gentleman Jim from Tazieff JW (gaining his CC's from David Arris (in Junior), Pauline Mullins and Hazel Arris), his final CC was a few years after his first two due to illness that nearly finished his show career.

jim and lucy
Ch Gentleman Jim from Tazieff JW and his daughter Wilbus Eau-de-Luce at Tazieff (photo courtesy of Norman Heal)

1982 saw Shullimar Super Trouper at Tazieff (Ch Karnack Shamrock JW x Kamiren Canterbury Belle), brother to Ch Shullimar Rainbow Warrier, join the Tazieff household, this shy hound having had such a hard start to life before being rehomed with us eventually found his feet and confidence, but would always be free with cuddles and often found with his front paws around your neck.

Shullimar Super Trouper at Tazieff (photo courtesy of me)

Shullimar Super Trouper at Tazieff and Ch Shullimar Rainbow Warrior (photo courtesy of Weetoneon)

These two stud dogs have gone on to sire multiple JW's & CH's and their lines live on today in many of the UK afghans in the ring today. Lesley Busby of Wilbus' "E", "F" (producing Ch Wilbus Fleur-De-Lis of Bowentree) & "G" Litters were sired by Jim and Litter "H" (producing Ch Wilbus Hanukah JW) by Trouper. Trouper also sired litters for Bowentree & Ghinja.

Upto the age of 17 I had been handling afghans within the show ring gaining Southern Afghan Junior Handler of the Year (12-16) in 1987. Due to the birth of my daughter and subsequent move "up north" my involvement because less with the afghans.

Having since dallied with showing Bichon Frise's, Newfoundlands and GSD's a trip "south" to my mum's and a visit to Lesley Busby's started the "bug" once more, I was looking for a breed to show and couldnt decide - that was until Ch Wilbus Midas JW (Berkeley) walked into the room that was it, I wanted one just like him! Fate had a large part in what happened next, I was extremely lucky to be offered the chance of a boy from Berkeley's sister Wilbus Mya's litter sired by Sitana Jaranwala at Tulak JW. As you say the rest is history as Tulak The Sentinel (Gibbs) joined our home. And in December 2010 he had the Tazieff name added to him.

Tulak The Sentinel at Tazieff JW at 9 weeks (photo courtesy of Lara Cartwrightl)

Gibbs aged 20 months after winning his second Best in Show in three months (photo courtesy of Tony Mullard)

Tallulah (Tulak Ever After for Tazieff) litter sister to Gibbs joined Tazieff in January 2012 and will be shown occasionally in 2012, and we look to have puppies in 2014/2015.

Gibbs and Tallulah I hope will be the continuance of Lesley Busby's and Val McCormack/Cummings many years of experience and of breeding and that the future will see both taking these lines forward for many years to come.

Thank you for reading this brief (ish) history of how we all came about and Im sure I have missed loads out, and will ask for more details from Mum where they are currently a little bare.

Tazieff Afghan Hounds